Winter Rodents

Lemmings are tiny Inuit hamsters. They are tough and winter hardy and that rumor about jumping off a cliff is a bunch of hooey. These are smart little guys.

Here’s the fierce part. You don’t want to encounter one of these guys in your pantry, gnawing their way through a box of oatmeal.

That’s all fine, and very wintery. I apologize to the lemmings reading this, thinking they are finally getting their fifteen minutes of fame, but no. We’re all ready for some Christmas cheer. Or any kind of cheer, because this is 2020.

Mukluks or galoshes, what do you think? I think cold feet.

Capybaras love snow, right?

So picturesque, but frostbite is a real problem for capybaras transplanted north. They’d rather hop a flight to Japan where they are treated like royalty.

Maybe a trip to meet Santa Claus at the mall is more realistic.

Actually, capybaras would be happy enough with an edible Christmas tree. You don’t have to go to Japan to create a rodent-friendly Christmas tree-t. Still, the Japanese do have a flair for this kind of indulgence.

How about mini-capybaras? How do they stack up?

Wait, let’s try that again. Genuine mini-capybaras (AKA Guinea Pigs), a bunch of them.

I feel like we’re forgetting something. Oh yeah, happy Hanukkah, last week. Big potato holiday.

There are dozens of holidays during winter. It’s cold outside, we’ve got more than a bit of cabin fever, everyone is frustrated with the old year, and we’re more than ready for it to be over. Take care and we’ll be back at you next year!


Rodents appear courtesy of JoeJoe the Capybara, Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, The Pipsqueakery, The Rodent Reader Quarterly, Dobby Winnick, and a couple of random internet locations. Check us out at the Capybara Marketplace!


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