dobby book

Available Summer 2017!

I’m not just whistling Dixie, here. My book is in its final edit! Maybe the penultimate edit. It is creeping right along, though. I’ll send you a postcard when it’s available if you fill out the form below.

Is there a one hundred pound semi-aquatic South American rodent in your kitchen? I am Dobby the Capybara, I live in the suburbs, and this is my story. My royal status notwithstanding, this is the highly opinionated record of my downfall from pampered pet to grubby, corn-obsessed middle age. It isn’t “How to Capybara” anything, and the facts are a little bit mixed up. If you are interested in wild capybaras, good luck. I can tell you what’s in my refrigerator, though, and where the off-limits birdseed is. I also specify visitor expectations, explain discreet coprophagy techniques, and offer advice on forays into forbidden parts of the house. Grab a highlighter and take notes in case there is a poop quiz!


When my book is available, I will mail you a postcard! Give me your address and start checking your mailbox!

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