What's in the toy box?

What’s in the toy box?

1. Capybara (capivara) money

2. Coloring pages (scroll down)


This capivara money is now out of print and the bank is no longer open. Plus the currency is only good in the little town of Silva Jardim, Brazil, about 1-1/2 hours east of Rio de Janeiro. So I’m guessing it will be okay to print up as much of this as you want to!

Capivara front

10 capivaris (front)


Capivara front_2

2 capivaris (front)


Capivara back

10 capivaris (back)


Capivara back_2

2 capivaris (back)

Coloring Pages

I drew all of these pictures. That means you can print up as many as you want. Capybaras only come in one color: brown. Sometimes it’s a reddish brown, sometimes kind of a bleached blond thing, but basically they are all brown. It’s time for a change.


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