What is a Patagonian Mara?

If you like large rodents, check out the Patagonian Mara. These cuties are from Argentina and thereabouts. Like capybaras, they are big rodents. Unlike capybaras, they are slender and more deer-like. Capybaras are big thick oafs compared to lithe Maras. Capybaras are semi-aquatic and Maras are happier in the desert. You can think of capybaras like riverside guinea pigs, while Maras are more like oversized gerbils.

What we have here, however, is one of my favorite things: a Japanese article about Maras. Translation by Google.



The animal “Mara”, with its slender and long legs, looks like a fawn, but it is actually a type of mouse.

access_time  Video

Mara is an animal whose elongated legs look like a deer. However, the reality is that they are animals classified in the family Muridae. It’s a little confusing creature. Such maras live in South America and may be unfamiliar creatures in Japan. So here, I will explain what kind of animal Mara is. There are other large rodents such as capybaras and porcupines, but mara is also a type of large rat …


There you have it. I have visited a few folks who have Maras, and they are very intriguing, like gigantic gerbils.

If you want to know more about maras, here’s the wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patagonian_mara

This is the URL to the original article: https://getnews.jp/archives/2799168/gate

This is a link, too: 動物の「マーラ」、細く長い脚は小鹿のようだけど、実はネズミの一種 | ガジェット通信 GetNews

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