JoeJoe the Capybara

My Dobby is no longer with us, and Cody Kennedy’s JoeJoe left us barely a month later. Dobby had many fans, but his fame was understated, by choice. JoeJoe had a much more active internet presence, with thousands of fans. If you google capybara, you are much more likely to find yourself looking at JoeJoe than Dobby.

With Cody’s permission, and in the interest of providing a more comprehensive picture of pet capybaras in general, I am going to feature some videos and photos of JoeJoe here on Dobby’s website. Cody is still making videos and finding new photos, so I will do my best to keep up with his new posts! I’m hoping I’ll be inspired to plow through my 50,000 photos and hours of Dobby videos, too.

If you aren’t familiar with JoeJoe (or Cody) this will get you started:

JoeJoe has been featured in the following blog posts on this website:

Here is JoeJoe on Instagram. And here he is on YouTube.

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