capybara spotters club

Here’s the deal– if you see a capybara– in the wild, at a zoo, wherever– let me know. Send me a date and location, maybe a little description. Then we’ll figure out how you can send me photographic evidence (or a sketch!). Make up whatever name you want to be known by, and I’ll give you credit on this extra-special honorary page. Scroll down to the form. It’s down there, somewhere.

Do you want a hint? There is a list of zoos here. How am I going to keep this list up-to-date? You are going to tell me when you see capybaras. The definition of a self-fulfilling prophesy, or maybe it’s an intentional feedback loop.

I can’t afford to bribe you with badges, but I can probably mail you a postcard or something. We’ll see. Who is going to be first?