Jack escapes again!| Mail Online

Jack is walkabout, again. I doubt they left the gate open and capybaras aren’t known for their digging. My guess is that he is jumping over the fence: capys have been known to jump 4′ high fences!

Unusual: Onlookers were shocked to find a capybara wandering the river banks during this years Henley Regatta

That is a nice big swimming pool!

Going for a walk: The rodent had escaped from Lady McAlpine’s animal sanctuary

Far from home: Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world and usually found in South America

That looks like pretty tasty grass!

Escape: The capybara runs away as one onlooker takes a photograph

World’s largest rodent spotted running along river bank after capybara escapes from Lord McAlpine’s animal sanctuary | Mail Online.

Riverbank: Onlookers say that it became an attraction at the Henley Regatta

3 responses to “Jack escapes again!| Mail Online

    • Excellent question, I have no idea. It took them a while to catch him the first time. I don’t suppose there is much point in recapturing him until they figure out how he is escaping!


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