Just Say No to Backyard Flocks | Ducks and Clucks

This is Tiffany’s blog, and she states very clearly what the issues are with respect to “urban farming.” We are both sanctuaries for unwanted poultry. Tiffany is better equipped to care for injured or sick birds, and has been at it for 9 years. I have been taking in poultry since I found my first feral hens back in 1987. Since then I moved out to the country and then moved back to suburbia. Back then I mostly took in unwanted 4H rabbits, but even out in the country I ended up with my fair share of elderly hens. (All sorts of crazy birds found me there, some all by themselves, but that is a story for another day!) Today I am just going to let Tiffany explain the hard truth about raising chickens in suburbia.

Just Say No to Backyard Flocks | Ducks and Clucks.

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