The Theft

 I don’t remember any of this. 
Stacy told me they carried me down the hall. 
See that little window on the right? 
Stacy took some of the photos through that window.
 The veterinarians took my harness off and 
decided where to connect their veterinary paraphernalia 
before they flipped me onto my back.
 They strapped me down and Dr. Nathanson put an oxygen mask on me.
 They connected me to intravenous fluids.
We recently discovered that subcutaneous fluids are not a good idea for capybaras.
What is Dr. Vincenzi looking at?
 This is what Dr. Vincenzi is looking at.
 It took a long time to prepare my nether regions for surgery.
 The thief, aka Dr. Vincenzi, cut two holes in me and 
stole pieces out of there.
 The stuff in those two jars used to be inside of me.
 Then he sewed my insides up and 
glued the skin back together to hide the holes.
 They had to hold my hand the whole time so I wouldn’t get scared. 
Actually, it helped to keep the fluids flowing into me.
 Dr. Vincenzi must have been doing embroidery down there.
 This is the after picture. Do you like the bandage? 
That pink one with the red hearts is where they drew a blood sample.
 I guess they couldn’t think of any more stuff to take out of me.
So down the hall I went!

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