The Anticipation

 I’m going to see the vet today, even though Gari’s vet came to visit me on Tuesday. 
Maybe Dr. Vincenzi wants to look at my scar.
 I’ve never had my milk in the car before. 
I don’t usually get it this early, either!
 Milk-mouth in the car, coming to get you! Little kiss?
 We’re right on time and I got right out of the car on my new ramp and came into the clinic, making my best happy noises!
 I’m going to take a nap. This is too early for me!
 That’s the spot- right there under my chin.
 All righty then, let’s go home!
 It’s hard to bite a hole in the seat cushion with Stacy’s jacket here 
but I can deposit some milk on the back of the chair.
 Gee, Stacy, thanks for the great new toy. Isn’t that for BABIES? 
I do like to bite the dragonfly. In the future, stick with the rats.
 Something in my eye. Can we hurry it up here?
 I know you have been cleaning the floor with this towel but 
I’m sweating bullets here and I have to have a blanket!
 I’m glad we all brought books to read. 
This is Capyboppy and I am reading the part where he gets sick.
 Wait! What was that? Dr. Vincenzi just came in here! 
Come back, I have some questions!
To be continued.

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