Garibaldi’s Radiographs

 Dr. Vincenzi and Vera took me off the stretcher and set me down on the x-ray machine.
 This part of the operation was a special gift to my brother and friend, 
Garibaldi Rous. 
(I’m still knocked out even though my eyes are open and my tongue is sticking out!)
 You see, Gari’s hind legs are not right, and we’re pretty sure mine are normal.
Gari is a little knock-kneed and I am almost bow-legged!
Stacy thinks I walk with a John Wayne swagger.
It’s my own special rumblestrut.
  A few weeks ago, Gari had radiographs taken of his hindquarters,
but there are no radiographs of a normal capybara to compare them to.
  It’s kind of a big deal even to take radiographs.
See, here comes Dr. Nathanson with the oxygen and the IV fluids again.
  My vital signs were monitored during all of the procedures.
We had to try to get exactly the same angles as Gari’s radiographs.
 Here I am practicing holding really still for the x-rays.
 Dr. Vincenzi gave me another injection.
There were so many Stacy can’t remember what all of them were.
I’m not scared to get shots, though, even when I’m fully awake.
 Stacy and I donated my radiographs to the ROUS Foundation.
We hope they will help everyone understand what is wrong with Gari’s butt.
 We’re finished here so Stacy came over to hold me.
The big surprise from my radiographs is that at 2-1/2 years old, I am still growing!
 Dick helped Dr. Vincenzi carry me back to the room where it all started.
Dr. Vincenzi said I weighed more after the surgery,
even though it seems like I should have weighed less!
So, one more shot and a long wait for me to stand up!
See how clean everything looks here?
It wasn’t very clean by the time we high-tailed it out of there!

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