Happy Birthday Dobby!

Oh, cool! We’re at the veterinary clinic!

 I got a little pouffy for that dog back there but he wasn’t impressed.
 I like to rub my nose on my leash!
Wow! I weigh 101.2 pounds! 
I have gained a couple pounds every month since I was weighed last June. 
And I am still slender, so I can pack on some more pounds even if I am not really growing any more!
Everybody is looking at me now so I better get pouffy again!

 Wait a minute! 
Aren’t you getting a little personal with that thing?
Okay, I’m ready to go now.

 I’ll just hide under this table for a while.
 They brought me a little blanket and I got a stuffed dog to play with. 
What are we waiting for, anyway?
 I’ll just get comfortable over here.
 I’m actually a little sleepy.
 They stuck my nose in a mask, but the Large Dog size is too small for my big fat nose.
 Fine, whatever, smash it on there. 
They were laughing about how this new gas is “odorless.” 
So what is funny about that when the mask is not even remotely sealed around my nose?
 The next thing I knew they were putting my harness back on. What happened? I’ll never know.
 So tell me again which planet we live on?
 I’m holding so still she can take close-up photos without me putting my shnozzola on the lens!
 I can’t stand up yet because my paws aren’t facing the ground yet.
You can see the underside of my right paw in this photo. 
An alert capybara would never be caught in such a compromising position.
 Nope. Nobody home.
 I’ll just rest here for another HOUR until I can scramble out of here.
 I don’t know how I got home but this milk sure looks good.
 I can’t remember what to do with it so I’ll just stare at it for a while.
 Two hours later I’m still working on the same bowl of milk!
 I think I’ll sleep inside tonight!
Just me and my White Rabbit Rug (and waterproof mats and an extra layer of blankets), ready for bed! Zzzzzzzzzzzz

6 responses to “Happy Birthday Dobby!

  1. I'm glad you were a good boy at the vet, Dobby! 🙂 And I hope all your lab results turn out OK. That would be the best B-Day present of all. Good thoughts are coming your way from San Jose! *hugs* The way you felt after being tranquilized/sedated is like how it was for me after having conscious sedation for an endoscopy (for acid reflux/GERD). It turned out fine; no damage & nothing in my GI tract that shouldn't be there. Just a sliding hiatal hernia; I can live with that! 🙂 But the sedation agent, which I had as an IV, was CRAZY! 😦 It gave me partial amnesia; I only remembered the very beginning & very end of the procedure. I also didn't remember how I got home or various other chunks of that day. :O It was basically just how I've read that victims of date-rape drugs describe their partial amnesia. Which makes sense b/c conscious sedation drugs are often misused for that purpose. Very weird and disconcerting to have chunks of your memory wiped out! :/Hugs,Shari Kaplan (I can't sign your blog via Facebook so I'm using my LiveJournal I.D. instead)


  2. Hi Dobbye. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Now I finally understand why you were sooo sleepy. You had your two year old check-up!! You were so brave at the Vet's office!! And now I know why you were drinking so much milk. See, I thought you were so sleepy because you had partied too much on your birthday. (sometimes we humans worry about too much stuff!) Bye bye for now. Love, your friend Ms. Bonna. xxxxxxxx


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