My New Kitchen Playpen

 I am so careful to wipe my feet before I come in the kitchen that it amazes me that there is so much mud in here at the end of the day.
 What is this junk on the floor? Where is my slippery wood floor?
 At least my rug and x-pen are still the same! I’ll just sit way over here where there is still some wood floor showing.
 I have splattered milk all over these books and the x-pen is all milky, too.
Is there something you aren’t telling me?
 Um, why is the kitchen door blocked?
 Wait a minute- is that a wall?
 I’m going to sit here until someone opens that door!
 There IS a wall here! My x-pen is gone!
 I’m surrounded by walls!
 I was only outside for about an hour! What happened?
 Well, I can still sit in my Waiting For Milk position.
 My potato bowl is still here…EMPTY!
 Well, the potatoes were the same but I’m going to sit outside here and just think this situation over.
 It is still possible to make a huge mess.
 I can still come in and out the door all by myself.
 I can still wipe my milky nose all over everything.
I can still stand up and get milk on the guppy aquarium.
 I can still have visitors. I think they want me to come outside.
 Excuse me while I have some more potatoes.
Well what are you waiting for! Come outside and play with me! I brought in your boot!

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