Baby Dobby

 That’s me on the right. I’m the littlest one! 
We are 3 weeks old in this photo. 
We ate all the potatoes that were in that bowl!
 I was a little sad to leave my family, 
even though I got to live in Aunt Robin’s bathtub for a day.
 This is me in my own great big bathtub. 
Not impressed with the accommodations.
Nice swimming pool, though. 
Actually, this is my potty. I used it from the very beginning.

 Now we’re talking. 
A cozy waffle box, a bird blanket, and some nice grass!
 Yes, this hut will do nicely!
My own Step-Saver kitchen!
 I liked the heat lamp. It made naptime and bedtime very cozy.
I spent most of the day out of the bathtub. 
My favorite place was by the door with this beautiful white rug!
 It was love at first sight: My White Rabbit Rug!
Yes, it is MY White Rabbit Rug, now. 
And don’t you forget it!
 Sweaters are nice, too. 
That’s how I say I like something- I bite it!
I like this curtain, too. 
I’ll just chew the corner off when you aren’t looking.
Just getting pouffy, sitting by the curtain 
and looking at my White Rabbit Rug!

One response to “Baby Dobby

  1. I thought adult capybaras were cute, but baby Dobby is the cutest thing I have ever seen!My husband and I love capybaras, chickens, and muscovy ducks. I'd love to see photos of them all together, if they will cooperate. 🙂


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