Where is My Book?

Here it is! Remember to pick a charity!

It looks like this!

Looking for the eBook?

October 23, 2017 update

Where, indeed? It’s coming, but so is Halloween! When it’s available, there will be a link here that will take you to the bookstore. Until then, you can check for updates here. Another way is to click on that “dobby book” tab at the top of the page, under the header photo. You can also copy and paste this url: https://petcapybara.com/dobby-book/ Or click on it.

Don’t worry, my book will be easy to find once it is published!

October 9, 2017 update

I have a Kickstarter up! It’s a great way to pre-order your book at a discount. It also gives me a financial boost so that we can go to print right away. You’ll see that we have already met our modest goal, but that doesn’t really give us enough to pay all of the up-front costs. (We have scads of rewards to send out when it ends!) The more backers we get, the closer we are to breaking even on this project. We’d love to make money on this book, but for now we’d be thrilled to cover our out-of-pocket costs.

It’s running through Sunday, September 24, 2017. Kickstarter ends it about halfway through Monday the 25th, but if you’re like me you are asleep or mentally comatose all morning. Best to check it out before then.

And a big thank you to all of my early backers! It’s gratifying to recognize so many names!

September 13, 2017 update

Here’s the original post from back in April, in case you missed it:

I wrote my book, and then foolishly, I gave it to the Farm Manager. I thought she would print it up, but days went by and I didn’t see a stack of books like I was expecting. She explained about “editing” and “formatting” but I didn’t believe her. The Farm Manager stole my book. Then she showed me these pictures! Our friend Sonya drew pictures for my book! This was a great surprise! Take a look!


This is going to be the cover! That’s me peeking out and my name is FIRST!

I’m still disappointed that real live books haven’t happened, but the pictures are very cool! Let’s face it: the pictures are the best part of books. Keep checking back here and I’ll let you know when we have a bunch of books!

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