What’s New?

Hey, this is Dobby, again. I guess somebody has to let you know what’s going on, and it’s gonna be me this time. For all of you who are eagerly awaiting Newsletter #3, you can just get back to your regular schedules and stop thinking about it. Meanwhile, it’s not too late to send in suggestions for what you’d like to hear about in this issue.

2015-01-10 09.16.59_w

The coziest spot in the house, and it’s MINE ALL MINE!

Even the guinea pigs are complaining. Their Dude Ranch is right smack dab in the middle of all the Gift Shop activities. There’s junk all over the place. Shiny objects, little paper tags, boxes, and crunched up tissue paper are taking over the world. I don’t really get it. If she doesn’t want all that junk that belonged to her Mom, why doesn’t she just throw it away? Why go to all the trouble of packing it and mailing it away? I mean, really, that makes no sense at all.


Fred and Carl during a stalemate. “You move!” “No, YOU move!”

Plus she’s writing all the time, now, but there don’t seem to be any new blogs coming out. She used to write in her book about ME, but now it’s all about her Mom, again. Her Mom already wrote that book- it’s that old brown leather book on her desk. Why does she have to write it AGAIN? And then, you know, leave it up to Yours Truly to do the REAL work, like this blog post.


Squirrel Appreciation Day

Well, squirrel appreciation day has come and gone. She found a dead squirrel drowned in my bathtub, after the ice thawed. You should have heard her shriek! That explains the uptick in squirrel activity around here. Stubby, who has been living in the barn storage area, is now braving the feeders out in the apple tree with the rest of them. We can’t figure out if he was living out there BECAUSE of his tail, or whether the cats out there customized his tail. Welcome aboard, Stubby!


Penguin, Madonna, and Jello

There’s been a lot more swearing around here since Stacy dropped her camera in Canada. It won’t autofocus anymore. (See, even I almost wrote autofucos.) With the wet weather, everything around here is a muddy, sticky mess. It might actually be preferable for everything to look kind of fuzzy.

2015-01-10 14.52.49_w

Carmen Miranda

Carmen would look better in focus. She’s everybody’s favorite, now, but she doesn’t yet know how to pose for photos like I do.

2015-01-10 14.52.16_w

Winky and Carmen

See, look at that: she even gets along with Winky. That’s not easy. Winky has a new game that’s fun. Unlike the other ducks who sleep in the same area each night, Winky has decided to try a brand new spot each night. It’s so much fun to watch Stacy and Winky play Hide-and-Seek every night when it’s time to lock up the aviary!


Help I’m stuck! Get me out of here! LOL, joking.

I got a new little hot tub! I can’t roll around in it like my wading pool, but it’s right outside the kitchen door. Only thing is, I can’t flip it over like the little black rubber tub that used to be here.


I ought to have a privacy screen.

Wanna see something cool?


Maybe I should try beet juice?

Yeah, a two-toned capybara! I’m going to work on polka dots, next, maybe work my way up to stripes someday.


There’s some orange peel in here. I can fix THAT!

Respectfully Submitted,
Dobby Winnick

3 responses to “What’s New?

  1. Dobby Dear, Your blogs are so cute, (and of course you are too). But you do need a bigger tub or a smaller butt. LOL! Ann from freezing cold Buffalo loves you! XXX


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