Help Wanted: Capybara Scratchers

We are now taking applications for Capybara scratchers. There will be three full time shifts available during the week, as well as two part-time weekend shifts. Starting pay is half a bucket of bamboo, half a used carrot, and about 4-5 corn cobs per shift. Apply directly to me, Stacy doesn’t know anything about this. — Dobby

Here is an instructional video that shows what Capybara Scratchers do:

This is me. I’m waiting.


I’m ready when you are.

6 responses to “Help Wanted: Capybara Scratchers

  1. Hi Dobby.
    I am more than happy to apply to be your back scratcher. I will even forego to goodies on offer such as the half a used carrot. There is just one little issue though. You will need to pay my air fare to come across from England to the USA. I am happy to sleep in a barn though as long as there is lots and lots of straw for a mattress. How does that sound?


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