Dobby’s Drama

Dobby had a dramatic afternoon. Due to a self-inflicted costume harness malfunction, he was unable to return to the back yard with his usual finesse.

2013-09-11 16.15.11_w

Whew! Safe and sound!


6 responses to “Dobby’s Drama

    • It’s hard not to laugh at him when this happens. I think it illustrates the difference between domestic predatory animals and wild prey animals. A dog would just ignore it, mostly, or get to work trying to get it off. For Dobby, any kind of disability spells certain death, and he quietly panics and slinks off to hide, attracting as little attention to himself as possible. Pet birds act a lot this way, too. They just aren’t quite as domestic as chickens.


      • I think you are right. I see the same behavior in my flock of parrots. Even though I know the behavior is instinct, it makes me a little sad I can’t make them understand there are no predators allowed in my house outside of me and a couple friends. Juli


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