Return of the Polarbara

Dobby is a fool. Late this afternoon, I filled his wading pool with warm water. I’ve been refreshing it with hot water a couple times a day lately, but I was away this morning so he was very excited to have his Hot Tub again. He was in for a minute, leapt out and then started running back and forth in the back yard, stopping at each end for a Doofus Dance. So, sprinting, spinning, spinning the other direction, sprinting back, spin, spin back, repeat. I knew something was up.

2015-01-06 16.53.18_w

37f degrees (2.8c)

Mr. Frisky kept up this display until he had my complete attention, then mounted the stairs to the swimming pool. Last time I checked the water temperature, the ice was very thin and the water was 35f degrees. It has warmed up since then.

2015-01-06 16.52.07_w

Brisk! Gotta keep moving!

It’s very cute when he swims in cold water, and he doesn’t stay in long, but hypothermia is a real concern. I had visions of him, well, no vision of him, just imagined myself peering into the depths and hoping he would reemerge. I don’t want to replace this pool because I had to perform an emergency C-Section in a sidewall so I could pull him out from the bottom. But he kept swimming, diving, playing with his ball and noodles. Then he came roaring out.

2015-01-06 16.52.39_w

And . . . OUT!

The sun had set, so the video is ridiculous, like a black cat at midnight with a splash sound track. And the photos are nothing to write home about. They are here for PROOF, not aesthetics.

2015-01-06 17.01.40_w

“Are you through taking photos? I want to drag this blanket outside.”

A quick dousing in the Hot Tub, a blanket in the warm kitchen, and he was ready for his bedtime milk.

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