Alive and Well

Dobby’s facebook profile, “Prince Dobalob” has been deleted by the farcebook bots during a recent sweep during which they deleted a bunch of Drag Queens. Once again, they cheerfully converted him to a “page” . . . with a deleted admin. So he has limited capabilities there, and if *someone* accidentally logs him off, he will be locked out completely.

2014-06-09 16.40.50_w

How could anyone mistake Dobby for a Drag Queen?

I will be busy with damage control this weekend. For instance, this blog is supposed to automatically post to his profile, but I don’t know if it will gracefully switch to his page. I have links to check all over the place- YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and then all the ones I’m not thinking of now that I’ll be scrambling to fix for the next couple weeks.


Dobby loves his Disney Princess Blankets!

I’ll also be setting up a new profile this weekend, because I am even more stubborn than Prince Dobalob himself! Check my facebook profile to suggest a new name or join a discussion.


Give us a kiss?

Meanwhile, there are lots of places to find Dobby News. I gave you a link to my facebook page, there are links over there –> to youtube and twitter and stuff like that. There is Dobby’s first zombie facebook page and there are also TWO Stacy’s Funny Farm links, including the new website. And you can also subscribe to this website.


2 responses to “Alive and Well

  1. You commented, if *someone* accidentally logs him off, he will be locked out completely. Can’t you change that administrator before that happens?


    • There is only one admin, Prince Dobalob, and he no longer exists. The facebook term for that is “orphaned.” For a few weeks, an admin can be added, but I am reluctant to claim these zombie pages as “mine” for that reaffirms facebook’s suspicion that I have, in fact, two profiles, which is against the rules. Even facebook acknowledges that there really aren’t any animals on facebook. :/


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