Shana Visits Dobby

Dobby has a lot of friends on Facebook (in spite of losing almost 3,000 when they deleted his profile . . . ). He gets visitors all the time. There are no capybaras at the local zoos, and for most visitors, it is the first time they have seen one. We have been waiting a long time to meet Shana because she is so busy.


Shana brought some treats!

She was a special visitor because she has been volunteering at the Tacoma Zoo almost forever, and has all kinds of wild animal handling experience.

2014-07-21 14.10.10_w

Shana gives Dobby some space when they first meet

Dobby caught on immediately that Shana is an animal lover.

2014-07-21 14.10.39_w

Shana gets closer once he has approved her offering.

We had to explain to Dobby that he had to share this bucket o’ treats with the guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks and chickens. There was plenty for everyone so he didn’t care. He’s pretty good about sharing with his flock, anyway.


No, really, it is ALL MINE!

They had a nice conversation.

2014-07-21 14.10.29_w

Shana tells Dobby about taking the beaver at the zoo for a walk on a leash!

He was eager to do some tricks and show off for Shana. He’s giving me a little kiss here.


BIG Kiss!

Dobby likes to take his corn off the table. Just one of his little quirky games.


“Corn on the table!”

Dobby is standing up for corn this time.


“Stand up and touch your nose!”

We use target training, though I am sure I am probably doing it all wrong. Having him focus on the target helps him to concentrate on the trick, not the treat. That means I don’t have to hide the treat so much, or worry about him nibbling near my fingers when I’m not expecting it. Those teeth are razor sharp.


A bite of corn is his reward

Dobby can get grabby and he likes to eat the corn all the way down close to my hand, so I pick cobs with a long stem “handle” to use as trick rewards. I’m sure he nibbles like that to annoy me.


So civilized!

Did you notice the green bag on the table? Shana brought a very special present to Dobby: a pink  Disney Princess blanket! That’s how well she knows Dobby! He was thrilled!


Positively beaming!

When Dobby started in on the rest of the lettuce- the GUINEA PIG lettuce and treats, I suggested swimming.


He started chomping the tops off each head of lettuce.

He was in a cooperative mood and walked toward the pool. Sort of. We went the long way around so he could show Shana his other treat bowl with cracked corn. He likes to share that with his chickens.


Love me some cracked corn.

He really showed off for Shana, but she had come well prepared. She even brought watercress for Dobby!


I actually feed watercress to the goldfish in his swimming pool.

Shana brought Dobby a little green duck! He likes to chase it around the pool.



And a green frisbee! He loves (to bite) frisbees.


His morrillo likes frisbees, too!

I never get tired of watching Dobby play in his swimming pool.


Another kiss?

Then we moved to the front yard.


Hold on, I’m coming!

Shana brought lots of corn, too, so we did some more tricks. Well, same tricks, but again.


“If you have more corn, I’ll do more tricks.”

You might notice that I am actually *in* the photos! Thank you, Shana, for taking the photos and letting me use them here. In addition to all of the fabulous treats you brought!


“A little quicker with the corn, lady!”

They’re great photos, aren’t they?


Princess Dobalob

4 responses to “Shana Visits Dobby

  1. Dobby is looking rather smug with his Princess blanket. I wouldn’t like to try and take it off him. Maybe a trade-in for the throw off my sofa? furry one side and satin the other.


  2. Oh, Dobby! I am so glad you met the famous Shana! She truly loves animals! I enjoyed seeing the interactions with Dobby.


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