Dobbye’s Diary – Issue Number One


We are pleased to announce the publication of our first newsletter! It isn’t a book, it isn’t even a magazine. But it’s FREE! Forward it, post it, print it out and mail it to your mother!

(If these thumbnails don’t open up big enough to read, click on the pdf link below.)

1_2014-4 1 Dobbye's Diary 1_2014-4 2 Dobbye's Diary 1_2014-4 3 Dobbye's Diary 1_2014-4 4 Dobbye's Diary 1_2014-4 5 Dobbye's Diary 1_2014-4 6 Dobbye's Diary 1_2014-4 7 Dobbye's Diary 1_2014-4 8 Dobbye's DiaryHere is a handy-dandy link to Issue Number One of Dobbye’s Diary. Have at it!

1_2014-4 Dobbye’s Diary

Questions, comments, or suggestions?

[editor’s note: Wow- there are a lot of DobbyE e’s to get rid of in this! Maybe I’ll just wait for Issue Number Two.- Stacy]



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