Dobby gets a present from Caplin!

I had my first birthday and Caplin Rous, my big brother (and The World’s Most Famous Capybara) sent me a present!

I guess a present is a box. I have one of those already.

This box isn’t empty like my other boxes, though.
There was a card inside so I put it on my nose to see if I like it, and I do!
There was a box inside the box so I had to put that on my nose, too!

It is good with the card on my nose and the box on the card.
It’s so good I just might stand up a little bit.
Now wait just a minute! Something is sticking to my feet!
What are these things? Are they food, did Caplin send me food? I like the box better.
Yes, the box is very good! Thank you, Caplin! I like it!

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