Dobby says "Milk"

I dazzled Stacy with my sense of humor yesterday. We were in the front yard and cars in the street always scare me a little bit. When a red car came into the driveway I started getting nervous so she told me it was “Dick” coming home. Oh! Well I know who Dick is- he is the one who gives me my milk, so I did my word for milk, puckering up my lips and moving them in and out! It is my best word. Well, it is my ONLY word, but I’m not even 1 year old! She said “Dick” again and I said “milk” again. We did this a few times and she just started laughing, and I went to say hello to Dick and to see if he would make me some milk.

Milk is the only word I can say, but I do understand LOTS of words. My favorite is “good boy”. My least favorite is “no!” I know who “Dick” is, but also “Sam” and “Becky”, and I am learning “India” and “Aki”. I know what “chickens” are, and I know what “feed the chickens” means, and also “Don’t let the chickens out!” because that is very, very important. I know what my “potatoes” are and after I drink my milk we do “wipe your mouth.” I know what it means to go “outside” and I think I am starting to understand what “front yard” means but I don’t have to learn that because I have to put on my harness and that’s how I really know we’re going out there. One of my first words was “swimming” and in the summer I get right in my pool when Stacy starts talking about swimming. It isn’t as much fun now, but I still know what she is talking about. One of the first words I learned was “rabbit”, and that could be any of my rabbit toys, but especially my favorite big white rabbit rug.
One confusing thing is my name. I know I am “Dobby” but to tease Stacy I will answer to any silly name she uses, like DibDabDobby, Dobalob, Doofus, DibbityDobby, Stinky, Dobbledygook, Big Rat, Sir Poopsalot, and Big-Fat-Ugly-Poopoo-Stinking-Capybara. I think she forgets my real name sometimes.

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