What Do Capybaras Eat?

Capybaras are grazing animals, like deer. In their natural habitat, they eat grass, water plants, grass, a few small shrubs, and more grass. Sometimes they sneak onto farms and steal some corn.

Dobby grazing in the front yard

Dobby was an expert at eating grass, and well qualified to present this video:

He trained me to bring him grass even when he was indoors.

Gourmet grass comes in a bucket.

It wasn’t just Dobby. JoeJoe trained Cody to take him to the park to eat grass.

Dobby loved to eat bamboo, too. Bamboo is grass, it’s just big and coarse. He even got Mudskipper to eat bamboo.

Dobby’s bamboo grew in the front yard, so he trained me to cut bunches of it and bring it to him in the back yard.

Gourmet bamboo comes in a sturdy plastic box.

Dobby wouldn’t touch watermelon, but JoeJoe loved it. This is a video that became wildly popular in Argentina, though I dare you to watch ’til the bitter end.

At Nagasaki Biopark in Japan, they have a special event in August called “Capybara’s Watermelon time.”

Not a watermelon fan, Dobby lived in Washington State. He was an apple guy. He loved to forage under his Macintosh apple tree in fall. In winter he foraged for grocery store apples.

I could write an entire blog post on capybaras and corn on the cob. Maybe some other day. For now, here is JoeJoe eating corn.

Capybaras eat lots of other things, like potatoes. Grass is the thing, though. Capybaras are all about grass.

As always, many thanks to Cody Kennedy for the use of his fabulous videos. Check out Cody’s shop, Crazy Cody’s Creatures YouTube channel, and Patreon.

Mudskipper came from Melanie Typaldos’s Capybara Madness website. You can help capybaras by donating to The ROUS Fund for Capybara Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M.

Don’t forget about Georgia Dee’s Gift Shop. You can also donate directly to Stacy’s Funny Farm, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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