Favorite Rodents go to Hollywood

Rodents are seldom featured in movies, and even then, they are rarely the heroes. Unless it’s a cartoon. Rodent fanciers know how engaging they are, though. Let’s take a look at some fancy capybaras and mini-capybaras. (Some people call them guinea pigs.)

Peanut sings, backed up by Blanco at the piano

Becky Wilson, of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue (MGPR) has some of the most glamorous mini-capybaras you’ll ever see. Peanut was one of her most special ones, featured on calendars for years. Now that she has set the stage, let’s look at some capybara videos.

JoeJoe was– and is– one of the most popular capybaras on the internet. This is what his owner Cody Kennedy has to say about this first video:

“Published back in June 2016 it has currently gained over 12.4 million views and is still growing. The most popular comment is “That’s a big Guinea pig” to which I reply back “A Guinea Big.”

Dobby’s most popular video shows him clicking at snow. This was one of his first snows, and he never did like it much. He was right, you know. Capybaras tend to get frostbite so I watched him carefully and he spent snow days and nights in the house.

Guinea pigs don’t have to be in videos to be famous. Becky Wilson tells the story of custom guinea pig armor donated by a talented and generous MGPR member, Sean McCoy. She put it on eBay, and we all watched in shock as the bidding got a bit out of hand.

“Once upon a time there was a guinea pig chain mail auction that drew world wide attention as the auction ended at $24,300. Sadly the bidder never paid up.

Lovely Peanut models her fabulous chain mail armor

This however is not that armor. I had this one made for Peanut after that. The Armor was auctioned to benefit MGPR. On the second auction it went for $2,000. Nothing to sneeze at.”

JoeJoe had so many great videos. I asked Cody which one was his favorite. It happens to be one of my favorites, too.

“This one is just a fun memory cause I remember it so well. I was trying to do some editing and JoeJoe was bugging me to sit on my lap so I started filming and having him sit in my lap. I think it shows both our personalities well, him chill and me crazy.”

I asked The Bartender for his favorite Dobby video. He didn’t hesitate. “Not For Dobby” is one of my favorites, too. It shows exactly who was the boss around here.

The next one is a video Melanie Typaldos took while she was visiting. My daughter was staying here at the time, and she invited some train-hopping hobo musician friends to stay with us. They played a concert for Dobby.

Dobby wouldn’t wear hats, but he indulged me with a couple costumes. JoeJoe will need a whole blog post for his costumes. (Check back in October!) Peanut, though, was the Queen of Costumes. Check these out:

But wait, who is this? Meet Gloria. Sweet Gloria came into rescue with fur so matted she could barely walk. Her texel fur was thick and so ridiculously curly that Becky had to practically shave her clean. Gloria would forever require daily grooming. She was considered unadoptable, so she remained in Becky’s care.

Okay, one last mini-capybara video. The late great Bing Cavy, performing The Guinea Pig Way, at 1.5 million views. I have probably watched this a million times myself.


Special thanks to Cody Kennedy for the use of his photos and videos. Check out Cody’s shop and Patreon.

The Guinea Pig video, photos, and commentary came from Becky Wilson of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Don’t forget about Georgia Dee’s Gift Shop. You can also donate directly to Stacy’s Funny Farm, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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