A Capybara in the Bathtub

Is there a capybara in your bathtub? It’s about as fun as it sounds! We’re going to jump right in with JoeJoe the capybara.

Dobby lived in my big bathtub at first. He seemed so small in there, but it was only a couple of weeks before I came home from work to find him wandering around the house, unattended. It wasn’t the fault of his baby-sitter, The Bartender. He had jumped outta there on his own.

Here’s JoeJoe, again. I dare you to watch this one just once.

I think they learn to play with toys in the bathtub. Next up is Cheesecake, of Rocky Ridge Refuge.

Here’s JoeJoe again. What a goof.

BlogPaws was a yearly pet blogging conference. 2014 will always be remembered as the one with the capybara. Mia came up from Funny Foot Farm in Tucson and I shared a hotel room with her. How many people can say that?

Dobby grew up and moved into the guest bathtub. I gotta say they make a mess when they leap out of there and shake on the hall carpet. Maybe rub the wall with their butt.

Here’s Caplin ROUS, World’s Most Famous Capybara, taking a bath.

Oh, sorry, wrong video. Here it is:

You can read a blog about Caplin in his humongous bathtub here.

This might have been Dobby’s last indoor bathtub experience. He got a bit, well, naughty, and lost most of his indoor privileges soon after these photos were taken. I built him an outdoor bathroom, but he never used the tub.

I think that’s enough. Let’s get outta here.

Bonus bathing capybara here.

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