Year of the Rat

Three Musketeers: Garibaldi Rous, Fresno, and Paca (photo credit: Melanie Typaldos)

We’re celebrating Year of the Rat by expanding our horizons! Who is we? That would be me, Stacy Winnick, and Cody Kennedy. Cody’s capybara, JoeJoe was one of the best known pet capybaras on the internet. Cody and I don’t have capybaras right now, but what we both have is scads of photos, videos, and stories about living with these crazy pets. We are going to pile on the capybara stuff, some old, some new, and all of the best capybara ephemera (pulled out of the dustbin) we’ve got.

The main menu (those tabs near the top) already has a JoeJoe the Capybara tab ready to go. I’ll be making changes like that all over the place. I’ll add photos to the peanut gallery. There will be links to JoeJoe videos and his Instagram. (I’m going to try to remember to post to my Instagram, too.) The plan is that Cody and I will both be blogging here. We want this website to be the best capybara website possible, and by best, we mean fun. Maybe even funny. We don’t expect to accumulate more information than Melanie’s Capybara Madness. It’s too late to predate The Capybara Page, out there since 1998. We can’t compete with ROUS Foundation for serious data, and anyway I already write articles for ROUS. So, we’re going to have to go for the funniest one.

Sample Japanese zoo sighting evidence

Maybe this will be the year I’ll get around to starting a Capybara Spotter’s Club. If you see a capybara– in the wild, at a zoo, wherever– let me know. Send me a date and location, maybe a little description. Then we’ll figure out how you can send me photographic evidence (or a sketch!). Make up whatever name you want to be known by, and I’ll give you credit on some sort of honorary page. I can’t afford to bribe you with badges, but I can probably mail you a postcard or something. We’ll see. Who is going to be first?

Find something something capybara on the internet? Send it along.

Did I forget anything? I have a Toy Box tab hidden up there. It has some money you can print out, but I can upload my paper dobby-doll and see what else I have around here you might like. Do you have anything to submit? Anybody have a knit capybara pattern? An origami instruction? If so, bring it on. Use the form below, or use the form at Ask Dobby, above.

I did forget something. If you haven’t already subscribed to this blog, now would be a good time to do that. You can sign up on the headquarters (home) page, far right column, bottom. If you really want to jam up your emailbox, subscribe to my Stacy’s Funny Farm blog, too. That’s my non-profit pet sanctuary where Dobby used to live. Okay, I think that’s all.

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