Our Bad Boy Dobby

Dobby left this world in 2018, but he is never far from my thoughts. He brought so much joy to all of us, I am absolutely certain he is in heaven*. Yet he was no angel.

I still live in Dobby’s house, so I am constantly assaulted by reminders of his proclivity to mischief. His kitchen area is still barricaded off and the rabbit who now lives there allows us to use it as a mudroom. His night pen is occupied by two naughty sheep. His harness, his jackets, his nose ticklers, an assortment of toys, all of that Dobby business is still visibly distributed throughout the barn storage area.

He was a fun pet, but I think most of us loved him because he was so naughty. Here are some of my favorite photos, nothing new, totally random, but many memories attached.

Dobby ate spy-holes into his blankets. Looks like this one has an ear-hole, too.

Typical Dobster blanket. This one was too holey to sew up. Or hide under, one might presume.

Most of the time his water was murkier than this and it looked like he was swimming, or at least floating. Nope, he was cheating.

No, not Dobby. This is his brother on a 17,000 piece puzzle on top of the dining table. Caplin gave Dobby a run for his money when it came to misbehavior.

The un-gardener strikes again.

View from my kitchen window of a cute little dish of bird-seed. It’s not Dobby-seed: that’s why it’s on the table, out of reach.

My big helper. Note the “leaky” hose in the foreground.

Dobby and Kitty Hawk had an up-and-down relationship. Capybaras run faster than cats, but they can’t climb trees.

Just so everyone knows whose territory this is. I don’t miss the nightly laundry. After Dobby passed, we used to put a memorial load in the washer or dryer at dinner time.

What was the message here? “Heat up my dinner, it’s cold?” Or “My placemat is dirty, may I have a clean one?”

Ah, Seattle sunshine! This time mixed with dirt and splattered all over the floor, rug, wall, maybe the ceiling.

Check out the pool noodle. He chewed it up and spit out the pieces. See how the pool water level is down? Yep, he ate the pool too, and it took several days to find the bite holes. That’s why he looks like he is braying like a donkey.

So proud. Six pools.

This is one of his Good Boy moments. He could hop over this gate in a heartbeat but he never did.

I have been criticized for not letting Dobby in the house beyond his kitchen area. I loved him but I did not love his peepee dribbles when I accidentally left his gate open.

How about finishing up with this oldie-but-goodie?

*Or for the Buddhists in the crowd, he is ready to be reincarnated as a very important animal, with lots of servants, like maybe a guinea pig or something.

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