Dobby Loved his Visitors

In difficult times a retreat into the past can be a great comfort. My daily routine has not changed much lately. I still have dozens of animals to care for. But compared to what I now think of as “The Dobby Years,” everything has changed. Everything.

Dobby the handsome devil

I recently discovered a blog post written by a friend and visitor. The photos were all new to me, as was the blog. How I missed it the first time around, I will never know.

Dobby gets snuggles

I stole some photos from it and stashed them here. There’s even an extremely rare photo of the Farm Manager. That’s me.

Wow, there’s the east end of the old guinea pig cage before I moved everybody to the Dude Ranch, on acreage in their own room. You can see the whole big long cage, attached in the middle, in the top photo.

Dobby butt

That’s probably Swimming Pool #4, already leaking. I can tell by the water level. In Seattle there’s usually enough rain to keep a pool overflowing, so any water level lower than the very top meant a leak.

Dobby likes his kong

He was only about two years old here. We had nine and a half wonderful years together and seven miserable swimming pools. I’m glad I didn’t know how many he would go through.

Dobby posing

The original blog is still up and there are lots more photos and even a bunch of videos!

Click here to check it out!

A special shout out to Tamara for the memories!

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