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Just when I think I’ve seen everything, a wacky post like this comes up. This website is Russian, I think, and translated fairly well from that language (It’s not like those fancy Japanese translations) and it has some great photos. There is even a photo of Dobby (you have to click the link and go to the site to look for it.)

Mother and wild child, can you hear the squish-squish of their feet in this soggy marsh?

Overall, the photos are good, and most of them are of capybaras in the wild, in their native habitat. These are only a few of them.

Brothers and sisters, young capybaras 4-6 months old, probably.

The accompanying text (you have to go to the actual site to read the article) is not too bad, not nearly as amusing as Japanese articles, and mostly accurate.

Mother and -ten- babies? How many do you count?

They love shallow water like this. Look how blocky their heads are; everyone thinks they all look the same, but once you pay attention, there is a lot of variation.

This female is eating her poop. This is the position they assume, and I’ll bet you this is a morning photo.

Not poop!

The article posted this photo and implied that this guy is eating poop. He might have a piece of poop in his mouth for some bizarre reason, but this is not how they eat it. (See previous photo)

This is an informative photo: good detail of the front paws and a little bit of toothy grin.

Another great photo. The same people who say capybaras all look alike also describe them as “expressionless.” I can’t see a sparkle in her eye, but this one has got some attitude.

Check out the article, see if you can find Dobby (and the ubiquitous Caplin) and have a good chuckle at some of the creative phrasing. You might even learn something about capybaras!

Source: Capybara where. Capybaras – large capybaras

3 responses to “Capybara where. Capybaras – large capybaras | marichi-moda

  1. They are ALL beautiful! Hopefully someday I will have the opportunity to meet one of these adorable babies in person!


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