Do Capybaras Like Snow? | ROUS Foundation

This post should sound familiar. I wrote an article about winter conditions here, and then expanded the theme for a ROUS Foundation article.

Capybaras love to sneak out of gates.

Dobby is through helping me in the aviary, and is following me back to the kitchen.

Dobby didn’t like snow, and while the concept of snow is great, the reality is that snow is a nuisance. If you are a capybara, it can be deadly. And while it is summer now, and getting a pet capybara sounds fun, it’s easy to forget about winter care. Plus, a snow post is timely about least once a year, right?

Dobby's kitchen door was set up so that he could let himself in.

Dobby returns to the kitchen after his morning chores.

So, do capybaras like snow? Click on the link below to see Dobby’s video, you know, the one where he clicks at the snow. And check out the ROUS Foundation website.

If you have first-hand information regarding capybaras in wintry conditions please contribute by commenting on this blog post!

Source: Do Capybaras Like Snow? | ROUS Foundation

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