Third Party Candidate


Me, Dobby, December 14, 2011

I was featured in The New Yorker magazine recently.


Capybara candidate, illustrated by Barry Blitt

It will come as a surprise to few of you that not only am I am running for president, but I am WINNING!


Polls updated twelve minutes ago, by Barry Blitt

I think everyone has been secretly hoping for a viable third candidate choice this election season. I am promising free, unlimited corn, and swimming pools WITH goldfish, for all.


Winning AND adorable! by Barry Blitt

You can read about it in The New Yorker magazine, the September 5, 2016 issue.


Hidden back on page 65, but hey!

Sadly, I am polling last in beer drinking buddies, even behind Hillary.


Nobody wants to drink beer with me, by Barry Blitt

I am insulted that I didn’t make the cover, but I’m sure The New Yorker is waiting for my victory issue. Thank you, Barry, for your invaluable boost to my campaign!

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