The Bad Bara

I’m unhappy about the weather. When the Farm Manager asks if I want to go to the front yard, I hold up my left paw to tell her that my feet are too cold and I don’t want to. It is so wet out there that the ducks are wet. We all like the heat lamp out in the barn. It’s so wet, though, that springs have popped up in there, and the barn floor is soggy and squishy.


Left paw up means my feet are cold!

We have a volunteer who comes to play with me while summer is gone. Here she is giving me a nice warm hot tub:


Jillian and me

I use that little tub when my wading pool is full of ice. My big tub is nicer to roll in and it gets hot water from the hose, not little water jugs. Bigger is better. Thicker is better, too, because I bite it sometimes. It is a couple wading pools thick.


My big hot tub

Other than all the hot tubs, some random minstrels, and the usual deluge of corn on the cob, it has been kind of boring around here. One of the neighborhood squirrels got pancaked in the road, so they have been sad and I decided to feed them. We have these great huge bins of bird seed, but the Farm Manager shoves them to the wall and puts the lids on. She even weighted down the one with the squirrel peanuts! Not fair!


What noise? Oh, you mean that big crashing noise? It was just this lid.

I can still pull the lid off the middle one, and it holds the big bag of sunflower seeds. I drag the bin out to the middle of the deck by the table to make it easy for the squirrels to jump in and out.


Waiting for squirrels


Two squirrels! That didn’t take long!

The squirrels are very polite and only take the inside of the seeds. Then they leave an untidy pile of empty shells in the bag.


Shh! I’m just re-nibbling this bamboo.

Yes, that’s me in the background. DON’T LOOK! I’ll get in trouble, again.



The Farm Manager is going to be mad when she sees how short I trimmed her bamboo. I didn’t mean to trim it that much, it just kind of happened.


Puny the Palm Tree in his cage

If she really cared about her bamboo, she would put up a sturdier barrier, like she did for this puny palm tree. It’s much harder to get this protective wire off, but I have done it. I am El Destructor.


Almost everything out here has a cage around it. So many challenges!

I’m going to talk to the Farm Manager about removing this hazard. A big roll of chicken wire like this could hurt my squirrel!


Munch munch munch

There was still a little bit of bamboo left in this pot. I need to take care of it. I love bamboo, and bamboo loves me! It makes me healthy!



Oh, well, this isn’t bamboo, but it used to be bamboo! Excuse me while I admire it!

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