My Magazine Debut

2015-04-27 16.59.00_w

Listen up because I’m famous!

I’m six years old, now, and I am taking over this website! I am going to write the blogs because nobody else is doing it! This is especially disappointing because of my new international status. Left to “other people” the story of my fame might not even make it to THIS sorry website!


I’m on the cover!

I have been featured in this fabulous, INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED, (Guinea Pig) magazine! They did make a mistake on the cover, though. I mean, everyone knows that capybaras are BIGGER and MORE IMPORTANT than guinea pigs, so why is my picture so teeny tiny?











It is a fabulous article and it’s ALL ABOUT ME! You’ve got to see it! You can order Capybara Guinea Pig Magazine here, or if you live in England you just might find it at your pet shop.

2015-05-07 12.40.43_w

Procrastinating Capybara

I just dozed off thinking about a Capybara Magazine. I am also in charge of the newsletters, which are a little bit like magazines, and those seem to be stuck in the mud, too. So much to do, and only one little capybara to do it.

What? I have to talk about DUCKS? BORING. Okay.

2015-04-20 19.27.51_w

Lula the hen, and Winky the Muscovy duck share a nest.

Let’s take a walk out to the aviary. Look at these silly girls! They are sitting on . . . a nest. No eggs, just a nest. Lula gets hauled out of there to get her medicine every day and Winky complains about nothing. Personally, I think they are just lazy.

2015-05-15 10.03.38_w

Carmen examines the plank blocking her cave.

Our other Muscovy duck, Carmen Miranda, has laid eggs in several places so far, but her newest place is UNDERNEATH this old storage unit, in a hole. She can get way under there, which makes it hard to know if she’s even there. Does she think she’s a badger? I bet she’ll have that wood dragged away from her entrance by this afternoon.

2015-04-27 09.29.34_w

Sal, the Tree Duck

Every year our drakes bully each other. We usually have to separate them, but this year, Sal is trying out a new strategy. This is a brush pile over an old stump, and he perches up there. Vinny and Tony hang out up there, too and the other ducks don’t bother them.

Old Fabio (he’s 9) gets bullied but he has two buddies who stand up for him. They have claimed the bully pen area and everybody leaves them alone. Romeo the Muscovy Drake doesn’t seem to be as dedicated to murdering Norman the goose this season, and everything is fairly orderly out there this year.

2015-04-30 17.01.06_w

Penguin is the black one.

This is our very sad story. Our oldest hen, Penguin, was found dead at the first of the month. This photo was taken the day before, and she looks fabulous, doesn’t she? She had a slow winter but had been laying eggs, so we suspect Fowl Play, but it really doesn’t matter, now. She was a good hen. Now we are left with Lula the sick one, Jello the naughty one, and Madonna the intellectually challenged one.

2015-05-03 16.44.11_w

Momma Mallard with ducklings

The ducklings have dispersed but we still see this little group. The six are now five, but they are fat and happy.


Is that enough?

See, it was MORE than just ducks. I even talked about my friend Penguin, too. Seriously, though, doesn’t everybody want to hear more about ME?

2015-05-05 17.41.58_w


I got this new toy. A crow stole it for me and dropped it on the deck. It’s fun to chew on it, like gum or something. It’s tempting to bite off the feet and arms, but so far I have resisted. There’s even a video!

2015-05-14 17.44.52_w

Dose of Vitamin D for used cages.

There’s a bunch of junk in the front yard. Okay, it is cages, BIG used finch flight cages from Freecycle. Because you just never know.

2015-05-07 16.41.05_w

Proof of sun in Seattle

I’m spending more time in the mudhole in the front yard. It heats up quickly in the sun and the buffet is fabulous!

2015-05-03 22.18.09_w

One day’s sweepings from the kitchen. Note the fur pushed to the side.

Stacy wanted me to include this photo of kitchen dirt. Big deal. That’s nothing, just some dirt, feathers, oats, maybe some other junk. She sweeps it up every day, so it never really amounts to much.

2015-05-14 11.12.21_w

My Big Project

Wait, why is my poop picture so tiny? I submitted a MUCH BIGGER one. My project is so much more impressive than hers! This is from ONE OVERNIGHT! That’s right, from about 9 in the evening until about 9 the next morning. I am going for the new Quantity Record for poop! Actually, this does NOT include the two I did right afterward in the kitchen or the one later that afternoon. How am I doing?


Kiss, kiss!

That’s all for now!

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