Washing Machine Issues, featuring Cavy Adventures

Washing Machine Issues – Part 2 | Cavy Adventures

Fred and Lamont are doing a bang-up job of confounding their slave owner.  They have already destroyed one washing machine! You can read about the disgusting mess by clicking on the link below.

Washing Machine Issues – Part 2 | Cavy Adventures.

After you read their story, you can read about MINE. I myself have killed one washer and it is very satisfying to watch the new one being hauled in to be connected up. I usually get extra corn when we have visitors. It’s an old story, but it also explains why I can’t traipse around the house any more. I’m pretty happy with my little kitchen area, though, because I spend almost all day outside. I just come in for hot chocolate and cookies. Just kidding.

indoor habitat loss


In fact, our washing machine situation is so grave that we are on one of those service contracts that usually are a waste of money. In our case, they are out a couple times a year to clear the “stuff” out of the pump. Or replace the gears or put a new panel in. We destroy washing machines. It isn’t just me, we still do some guinea pig laundry, though the Blanket Experiment was a failure. The bird cages have blankets, though- they are perfect for handicapped birds! We even have rabbit laundry around here. Wait, what? Oh, and some people laundry. BORING. Here’s one more link about washing machine repairs:

2014-02-06 12.51.34_w


You probably guessed that I am still in charge of this blog. And I am very, very lazy. In fact, I don’t even have Newsletter #3 to blame, because it is stuck in a ditch about 3 miles back. I do have some exciting news, though! I am going to be featured in a magazine! That is coming right up, so keep your eyeballs peeled! — Dobby, AKA Prince Dobalob

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