Day and Night

Hey, this is Dobby! I get to write a blog! FINALLY!

2014-11-20 15.43.16_w

There’s still grass by the railroad tracks.

So, anyway, it’s winter now and the grass is dormant. There is still some clumpy grass in the front yard, but it’s going away fast. (Munch, munch, munch) Luckily my bamboo is still nice and green!

2014-11-20 15.58.03_w

Want to see a trick?

I have a new trick I’ve been working on! Want to see it? It’s called “Get on the scale, Dobby.”

2014-11-20 15.57.33_w

(The scale is stored under the cardboard box.)

Good trick, isn’t it? Now, where’s my corn?

2014-11-23 15.56.11_w

Helping with branches

I’ve been helping in the aviary a lot lately. There is a huge pile of branches and twigs piled in the corner of the aviary from when we trimmed branches off the trees last summer. I got to help trim and stack them.

2014-11-20 16.10.52_w


Dusk is my favorite time of day, even when it happens at 3:00 in the afternoon. Yesterday afternoon, we got to play “Picking Leaves.” The aviary “roof” is chickenwire poultry netting (to keep out the raccoons and possums.) Twigs land on the wire all summer. In autumn, leaves fall and pile up on the wire and the twigs. Then when it snows, the snow can’t sift through the openings, it piles up on the soggy leaves, it all gets very heavy and freezes up, and then it brings the roof down. Leaf picking is one of my favorite times of year. The way I help with leaf picking is that I get all the leaves piled up on top of me and I disappear!

2014-11-20 16.12.53_w

Can you see me now?

I love to graze in the front yard after dark. It’s a little bit spooky to go through the storage area on the way to the back yard, though. Actually, it’s really, really scary. That’s why I get to go through the house to the kitchen after dark.

2014-11-23 17.26.55_w


Wait, what? Sure I do! If you let me just once, I’ll show you what a good boy I can be! I can be really good! Wait, where are you going? LET ME IN THIS DOOR! Come back here!



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