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What? How about a small Japanese lesson today: this is “capybara:”
Can you pick it out of the words above? Do you need to know any more Japanese than that?

There is a link to the original article at the end, but just between us, the photos are all you need!

Capybara Onsen of November 2013 (Courtesy: Children Animals Nature Park)

At Saitama Children’s Zoo in Higashi-Matsuyama City, Japan, the season of “capybara hot spring” has arrived. From November through late March, about 5 months, the capybaras can be observed soaking in their hot tub.

Capybara hot spring, March 2014 (Courtesy: Children Animals Nature Park)

I’d include more text here, but while the translation from the Japanese is amusing, it is not terribly informative. It does, however, offer the incredible word “Nasudoubutsuoukoku.”

Last year’s “Capybara Festa” body weight measurement (Courtesy: Children Animals Nature Park)

Look at this cute capybara stepping right up to the scale! They all do it just like this. Check out this article on weighing capybaras!

Finally, here is the link to the original article in Japanese:

今年も「カピバラ温泉」の季節がやってまいりました – DMMニュース.

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