Capivara faz ‘passeio’ pelo Centro e surpreende comerciantes| Bonito Informa

July 17, 2014 Campo Grande, Brazil

A capybara who strolled the center of Campo Grande, surprised vendors on September 7th Street, near the corner of Rua Rui Barbosa, this morning. The snack bar owner, Luiz Thomaz Filho, noticed the animal and called MAP (Environmental Police) who made the rescue and took the rodent to CRAS (Centre for Rehabilitation of Wild Animals).
capivara caminhando “She was walking down the street and wanted to follow Rui Barbosa Street, but I did not leave. We surrounded her to keep her here and made her enter the parking lot, where it would be easier to make the capture,” said Thomas. According to Thomas, the animal was quiet, without showing much fear. He even recorded a video showing the moment of taking the animal.
According to the coordinator of CRAS, Elson Borges, the capybara was observed and, as he had no health problem, he was returned to nature in nearby Anhanduí district, 40 miles from Campo Grande.

Three more rescued this week will be turned loose by CRAS today (July 16). According to Elson, they are returned to the wild on farms that have rivers or streams, among other conditions favorable to survival.
According to the CRAS biologist, Maria Isabel Rossi, up to five capybaras per month are released, particularly in the Lago do Amor and Parque do Sóter region. “This is a typical number of catches, but there are months when capybaras appear only once or not at all.
According to Elson, catching these animals is common in the city. When they are captured near the parks, they go through CRAS and are soon released in the forest reserves. “Capybaras are always surprising us. They appear during abundant rain and when there is flooding, then end up being taken by the current or simply get lost from the herd.

See the video below, showing the stroll and then the capture of the capybara:

Follow the link to read the article in Portuguese:

Capivara faz ‘passeio’ pelo Centro e surpreende comerciantes | Bonito Informa.

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