My Dearest Alfalfa | Alfalfa’s Adventures

In a week of great losses, it gives me great comfort to know how much joy little Alfalfa brought to my recently late brother-in-law. Rod could be gruff, he could be surly, but he would often write to make certain I had read Alfalfa’s latest Adventure. As bloggers, we are not always aware of the lives we touch. Not everyone comments, not everyone subscribes, but for some people, our blogs are a welcome respite from a lonely life. In Rod’s case, he could read about Alfalfa and know that at least he’s not an under-the-bed lurking toe biter. Bad, but not as naughty as Alfalfa.


Alfalfa, wearing his favorite bow

Alfalfa’s blog will continue and evolve. There might be another guinea pig, or two or three. And if you didn’t know Alfalfa, it’s not too late to check out his archives.

My Dearest Alfalfa.

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