A visit with Romeo and Tuff’n

Romeo and Tuff’n live just outside Las Vegas and graciously showed me their princely lifestyle! These male capybaras were acquired separately, and are around 2 years old, nearly full grown. Tuff’n is a couple months younger than Romeo and is a special needs capybara: he has little or no vision in his right eye.


Romeo with Elizabeth

I have been following them on facebook but this was my first opportunity to meet Romeo and Tuff’n. Dick (The Bartender) met them last year, but none of his descriptions or photos prepared me for the dedication of their owners. These capybara “brothers” are truly central to the life of their owners! So they go to the park every day!


Georgi, Mia, and Elizabeth

Georgi brought Mia to the park, too.


Mia meets Tuff’n and Romeo

Mia lives with a male and female capybara near her own age, but this was the first time Romeo and Tuff’n had met a young female. Little Mia was overwhelmed by their attention!


Goodbye little Mia!

Georgi and Mia had other plans for the afternoon and left the park early.


Romeo is consoled by Marvin, as Tuff’n watches Mia’s departure from a distance.

Fresh grass is an essential element of the capybara diet. Like humans and guinea pigs, capybaras cannot manufacture their own vitamin C. Wild capybaras get most of their vitamin C from an inexhaustible supply of grass, water plants, and shrubbery. Supplemental feedings of fresh fruit and vegetables is recommended to avoid scurvy, especially for young capybaras.


Full tummy=naptime

Vitamin D is another important nutrient for young capybaras, helping the body absorb calcium. Capybaras are primarily outdoor animals, and are rarely found indoors in the wild.


Getting some Vitamin D

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Romeo and Tuff’n give us a tour of their home. These capybaras don’t chew furniture or mark their territory indoors.


Not wanting to be left out, Romeo attains “conversational height” by standing on the couch!

Romeo and Tuff’n have decorated to their own highly specific standards! Marvin is planning to refinish the floors to an easy-care surface.


Tuff’n enjoys some hay

Wild capybaras spend most of their life in or near water. This back yard is nearly all water!


Tuff’n and Romeo approve of their watery habitat!

They have their own little capybara door to the house, and can go swimming at any time. They like to be where the “herd” is, though.


Coral, Romeo, Tuff’n in the background

It wasn’t their usual swimming time of day, so the capybaras teased us by walking around on the pool deck.


Elizabeth demonstrates “getting into the water.”

Tuff’n finally got into the pool briefly, but Romeo was more interested in marking the pool deck and rubbing his morrillo on the pool maintenance equipment!


“When Marvin swims, I will swim.”- Romeo

There are multiple options available for accommodating these typically outdoor animals. Most of the pet capybaras I know of are strictly outdoor pets. Romeo and Tuff’n are exceptional and have free run of the house. Garibaldi and Caplin had free run of the house. Dobbye is exceptional in his own wild and crazy way. That’s why Dobbye is restricted to a small area of the kitchen. Oh, well.


Romeo and Tuff’n at home


Dobbye has limited access to my home.


Gari had unlimited access to Melanie’s home.







The capybara ruling class, at leisure! Thank you for a glimpse into your fabulous lifestyle!


Prince Tuff’n


Prince Romeo

2 responses to “A visit with Romeo and Tuff’n

  1. A most refreshing read. I came away with much more interest in these two capys than I did from a previous blogger. Now I can see all that has been done to make a completely suitable habitat for them and think it’s wonderful to see Elizabeth and Marvin’s dedication and devotion to Prince Romeo and Prince Tuff’n. Looking forward to reading more!


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