A Visit to the Vet

 Here I am at the Veterinary Clinic with Becky. 
There aren’t any photos of us on the way because 
it is a little hectic and even with three humans, 
there isn’t a free hand for a camera.
 Here I am eating raisins. 
The corn kind of exploded when I ate it. 
Funny, it does that at home, too.
 Last time I was here I was drunk when I left and 
I didn’t feel too good for a couple days.
 This time it’s about my eye. 
Stacy has taught me the names of some body parts so 
I wasn’t surprised when the Vet started doing things close to my eyeball.
 I look pretty good in orange.
 Out to the car!
Leash technique: Dobby could back out of the harness from this position. 
It would slip right over his head.
Leash technique: Becky moves so that she is to the side. 
It is harder for him to slip out from this position.
Leash technique: Best position is behind, with two hands on the leash. 
He would have to walk backwards toward her to get out of the harness. 
Still possible, but less likely.
 Up the ramp! Going home is easy!
 Almost home!
 I’m home! I’m not backing out of my harness here, 
I’m just marking the leash with my morrillo.
 I’ll just stop at this fern for a moment, chomp!
 Let me mark the leash, again!
 My front yard!
I’m proud that I was a good boy at the vet so 
I’ll just mark Stacy’s jacket to let her know.
Epilogue: The next day, Dobby begged to go to the front yard early. 
When we finally did go to the front yard, 
he scampered off to wait at the gate to go on another car ride!

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