The Recovery

 When I arrived home from the veterinary clinic I was a little woozy. 
But it didn’t hurt to sit down or anything.
 I wanted to get into bed but I couldn’t climb a step that big…
plus I was staggering around a little when I walked.
 So I went inside and stared at my potato bowl. 
I was even too groggy to eat my corn and apple!
 It doesn’t get much better than this! 
My White Rabbit Rug, my “sleep in the house” bed, 
my frog blanket, and a bowl of milk!
 On Friday, Stacy put some blankets on the deck 
so I could comfortably receive visitors. 
This is Celery the hen.
 Wiley Wabbit dropped by to say hello, too.
 This is the lazy way to drink milk.
 I probably spent most of Friday and Saturday right here on the deck. 
I got to sleep inside for 3 nights!
 On Sunday I started to walk around and check on my projects. 
Stacy reduced the dosage on the pain medication so I wasn’t as sleepy.
 I got pouffy. I “sit” and get pouffy for my medicine, too, 
but in this picture I am just pouffy about the sunny day.
 Excuse me, I am just going to go inside and check on my White Rabbit Rug. 
It is still recovering from the visit to the veterinary clinic, too!
 This is my private pasture in the back yard. It is fenced to keep chickens out!
 This is what chickens do to a pasture. DIRT.
Monday I had a little picnic with my friends. 
That is Pamplemousse the hen, and 
two Muscovy drakes we took in, Julian and Romeo.
 There must be a problem with the swimming pool 
because the steps are fenced off. Oh well!
 That’s Wiley Wabbit, again, back there in the corner of my pen.
That’s the bucket I play with at midnight!
I like to rub my nose on the swing. 
In fact, I like to rub my nose, my morillo actually, on everything, 
including the apple tree! I’m going to get busy here, but I’m doing just fine!

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