Dr. Sharman Hoppes, My Special Visitor!

 At first I wasn’t sure if Dr. Hoppes wanted to be friends.
 Dr. Hoppes wouldn’t let me jump up on her. 
I jump up on Stacy all the time, but lately she is obsessed with my old milk buckets.
 Dr. Hoppes was really interested in me, though. 
Even more than other visitors are.
 When I try to jump up, these buckets are in the way, 
but I just love rubbing my nose on them. 
When I rub my morillo on the buckets, they dance on my nose. 
Maybe I am the one obsessed with the buckets.
It’s actually more fun than jumping up. For everyone involved.
 Just look at that bucket go!
 I have a little wading pool in the front yard, now. 
Today I discovered my old pink noodle in it! 
What a nice surprise! I love tossing my noodles!
I’m sure that impressed Dr. Hoppes!
 I showed her how I go adventuring in the front yard. 
This is how WILD CAPYBARAS do it! 
We wear our harnesses in the front yard and eat grass! Yeah!
There’s no fooling Dr. Hoppes. 
She knows I’m not really swimming. 
I am just walking around. 
Plus she missed my beautiful dive because she was looking at RABBITS! 
That’ll teach her to pay attention to me!
I still like her, though. Thanks for visiting, Dr. Hoppes!

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