Dry Run

 My harness AND my leash! Are we going for a car ride? A “Dry Run?” Okay!
 Oh! Are those my raisins? Am I going to get raisins?
 Wait a minute- SLOW DOWN! I have to mark the leash with my morillo. Again.
 Are those horsetails? Can I eat them? They seem to have disappeared from the front yard!
 I guessed it! A car ride! Sam is here this time! Cool!
 Stacy has suddenly disappeared into the car. With the raisins!
 Say, isn’t this the new ramp from the back yard? 
The one Stacy has been making me stand on to get raisins?
 Make up your mind. In the car. Out of the car. Sheesh!
 Did somebody mention raisins?
 Sure, I’ll stick my head out of the car for a raisin!
 Really? I just got in. Are you sure you want me to come out?
 On the ramp. For a raisin. No deal.
 Oh, cool! The back opens up!
 Ramp. Raisin. No can do, SUCKA!
 The ramp has to be out the SIDE door. Like I said. Ramp, raisin, piece of cake!
 I don’t get it. Raisin, but no ramp. What’s the deal here?

 If you don’t know how to operate the leash, lady, get yourself a piece of rope. 
It’s less embarrassing!
Modeling this year’s harness and leash, we present Dobby, 104.2 lbs of handsome devil!
 Am I a good boy, Mom? Am I, am I, hunh?

 I’ll just sit here while everyone admires me!
I am the pouffiest one in town! 
But what I still want to know is, what is a “Dry Run?”

One response to “Dry Run

  1. I can't believe how POUFFY you are in that last photo!! 😀 I'm guessing it was because Stacy and/or some of the other folks were praising you for being a good boy on the scale? People who don't share their lives with animals don't realize how well animals are able to learn what our various tones of voice indicate. 🙂 And if you heard mine right now, Dobby, you'd know how much I admire and love you! <3Cheers from San Jose (Palo Alto's "southern" neighbor! heehee)Shari KaplanP.S. Do you ever eat grapes, or just raisins? When I had Berry & Jelly (my rats) I was afraid to give them raisins due to the stickiness factor. Which I realize was silly of me. But I gave them grapes often and they LOVED them! Especially red grapes!


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