Cleaning My Swimming Pool

 I’m pretty happy with my swimming pool. The steps are a little shabby and my noodle has seen better days, but the pool is perfect. 
Perfectly green.
 All of a sudden my pool steps were fenced off and my swimming pool was squished into two tiny buckets. 
They are barely big enough to hold my goldfish!
 So what are you doing to my swimming pool? Can I help?
 Why is my table out here? What are the hoses for? What is happening?
 OMG! This is so scary! Isn’t it kind of eery to see all the way down there? And WHERE ARE MY FISH?
 I’m sure glad nobody cleaned up my mud!
 The ducks know how water is supposed to look. 
They can turn water green in a New York Minute. 
This is their charming little water feature.
 They kicked me out. I still have my little tub. It is nice and green.
 It’s still clear. I should hire some ducks to speed up this process.
 I give up. But I’m not going to swim. I’m just going to stand here.
 This is my Vincent Van Gogh pose. Ha ha just kidding.
 My “Garibaldi Rous” imitation. Without the rolling.
 My noodle.
 Walking like T-Rex.
 I can’t wait until it is green again.
 The next day…
Pump schmump. 
If this is a construction zone, where is the orange security fencing? 
I’m going in and you can’t stop me!
 Oh, very cool. It isn’t green but it is getting better!
 Look! My fish are here now! They got really big!
One month later…

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