Club Mud

 Here I am, modeling this season’s finest mud.
 When you live where there’s lots of rain, there is usually lots of mud.
 We don’t have a lot of clay in our soil, but the high organic matter content allows it to adhere nicely to fur.
 Note the effect around the eye.
 It is actually pretty deep. Stacy wonders where the lawn went, but I think this is a nice improvement.
 Some of our mud is Duck Muck that comes from the duck wading pools. That probably explains the organic content.
 Stacy tries to keep the Duck Muck *way back here* which makes a nice place for me to roll around in it.
 This is my extra special mud area that I use after I come back from the front yard. See, I walk right through here and on into the aviary, but my entry ritual includes a stop-and-roll in this nice mud.
 It’s okay to come into the kitchen with mud. 
 Nobody seems to care any more. I think they have given up completely about the mud business.
 This is pretty typical. My daily Mud. This linoleum cleans up real nice.
 Sometimes it’s a little bit too much mud, even for me. But it shakes right off! I’m pretty good about not doing this too often in the kitchen.
 How about a little kiss, sweetheart?
And that’s all the mud I have to show you today!

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