Capybara in the House

 A very special corner of the kitchen is all clean and ready for ME!

Good morning, White Rabbit Rug!

 Oh yeah. Hi to you, too.

 My milk is made from powdered goat’s milk (for kids!) with some plain yoghurt and instant mashed potatoes or organic baby rice cereal to thicken it.

 Milk sticks to my nose and whiskers!

 I like to wipe my mouth on anything handy, like furniture or pants and shoes.

 Sometimes I wipe my nose on my White Rabbit Rug.

I eat timothy hay when I have my milk, so hay gets stuck to everything. 
Did you know that white glue is made from milk?

Then I go outside and wait for the next milk time. 
I’ll chew on some boots or blankets and make sure no chickens get inside the house.

Milk time again! Love that milk! 
The rugs aren’t as clean as they were a few hours ago. 
What happened?

 Who got mud on my “White” Rabbit Rug?

 Uh oh. You know, that mud might have come off of me.

 Rinsing my feet with water before I came into the house wasn’t as effective as we had hoped.

 I’m waiting but the next milk isn’t coming fast enough.

 What does it take to get the third milk of the day on time?

Potato Time! Yellow and russet potatoes, orange and yellow sweet potatoes, Japanese and purple yams and an apple. Hey- where’s my corn on the cob!

Crunch drop nom nom nom. I hope you are making my number four milk!

Not so clean any more. Rugs and rabbit to the laundry, bowls to wash up and dried milk to scrape off the floor and walls. Isn’t it fun to have a capybara in the house?

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