My Bad

It seems like for a while, when it was really cold outside, Stacy was hanging around with me a lot but now that the weather is a little better she has started disappearing during the day again. She wears the clothes I like to chew on and roars around and then she leaves out the front door without saying “I’ll be right back”. I know what that means, and when she doesn’t say it she might stay away for hours. I have been getting pretty anxious about this “leaving” business.

Yesterday when she was struggling at the door to get her mud boots off, I saw my chance and pushed past her into the house. I immediately saw that the Dobby-Gate was open so I walked on into the kitchen. I could hear her saying bad words to her boots, now, but I saw that the door to the hall was open, too, so I kept going. I love that feeling of carpet on my toes and started to turn a lazy circle in the doorway but then she started saying “No, Dobby, no!” so I ran up the steps. I kept going to the bedroom, where I used to sleep when I was a baby, and where I used to play all the time. My favorite stuff is up there, like the Forbidden Closet, and my favorite under-the-desk lounging area. But I didn’t get that far. I saw a most wondrous thing in my old sleeping corner: a brand new white rabbit rug! Even from far away I could tell it wasn’t as nice (smelly) as my old one, but still it was such a beautiful sight that I just stopped right there, frozen in a classic capybara pose. Then, before I knew what was happening she pushed me out of the bedroom back into the hall. I started DOWN the stairs this time but I started to get mad until I saw- ha ha ha!- that my feet were making muddy footprints like a cartoon! So funny! But even though I kept trying to on the way out, she wouldn’t let me poop or pee or even mark the rugs, so the excursion was somewhat of a failure from that standpoint. As a reconnaissance run, though, it was quite satisfactory. A little more practice, more confidence and determination, and I’ll be rip snorting back up there in no time

One response to “My Bad

  1. Dooby, you have to be careful about those muddy footprints. Yes, it can be funny to leave a record of your explorations, but they also make it very easy for your human to find you. So next time wipe your feet before going in the house and maybe you will get more of a chance to mark your territory.


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