Capybara Costume Time

Melanie and I often discuss our capybara brothers: her Caplin was the older brother of my Dobby, not litter mates, but the same parents. They looked alike and shared a unique intensity, an awareness of their own self-importance. They did not share a love of costumes. Caplin was all about dress-up, Dobby not so much.

“Ready? I’m going to put it on his head, take the photo, QUICK!”

The obvious “costume” is a simple hat. Simply place it on your capybara’s head. And watch him run! I tried getting Dobby to wear hats but he didn’t like it. I’m a bit slow to catch on sometimes, but I did finally give up on hats. There are other ways to get the “hat effect.”

Dobby didn’t mind wearing his harness and I figured out I could tuck bandannas and other fancy stuff in it.

That’s nothing compared to Caplin. He did anything Melanie asked of him, and he seemed to actually enjoy the costumes. Take a look:

Melanie Typaldos (left) and Caplin Rous (right), trial run on the horse costume. Scroll to end photo for the complete effect.

Melanie has a small herd of horses, so dressing Caplin up as a horse had to happen sooner or later. Caplin had no problem with hats. Maybe Dobby just didn’t like my selection of hats. Capybaras can be very particular.

Caplin would wear a whole costume: hat, outfit, maybe some face paint.

He looks much younger in this next costume. That is the key, start them out young. Of course, some capybaras just won’t ever wear hats. Do not purchase a capybara in expectation that it will wear hats. You could be disappointed.

Finally, a team effort! Matching costumes, something Dobby would never have tolerated!

I promised you one more look at that horse. He now has a mane, a blaze, and a white fetlock!

Caplin Rous, at one more pet store costume contest. Squint hard and he looks exactly like a horse!


Cappy Halloween, everybody! Look what I just found, a puzzle! Be the first person to donate $25 or more to Stacy’s Funny Farm, and it’s yours!

672 piece puzzle!

Thank you, Melanie Typaldos for your photos of Caplin! (Not to mention the original effort required to create the costumes and dress up her capybara!)



Caplin Rous July 10, 2007 to January 4, 2011

Dobby Winnick February 14, 2009 to July 18, 2018


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